In-State Championship

Top 50 Teams from the season’s point standings will be invited to Seminoe Reservoir, August 10-11. Entry fee will be $300 per team with 100% paid back. C.P.R.(Catch Photo Release) Format.


Top 50 Teams from Points Standings


2019 In-State Championship


August 10-11


Seminoe Reservoir


ITC Electrical and Rocky Mountain Sports

Friday Notes:

  • Tournament headquarters and rules meeting will be at North red Hills Campground.
  • Rules meeting Friday night will be at 5 PM.
  • Boats off the water by 4pm.
  • Check in time will begin at 5:15 am each morning.

Saturday Notes:

    • Check in time will begin at 5:15 AM.
    • All Boats Due at 3pm

Sunday Notes:

    • Check in time will begin at 5:15 AM.
    • All Boats Due at 3pm

General Rules:

  • Each team is responsible to bring some form of a camera (Cell Phone, Digital Camera, GoPro, etc. We will use the pictures to verify your “OVERS”
  • Takeoff will be from the North Red Hills campground @ 6AM BOTH DAYS, ALL BOATS MUST BE CHECKED IN BY 5:45am.
  • Teams will weigh their 5 heaviest fish each day and are allowed 6 fish(per Team) in possession each day.
  • Each team will be given a Weigh-Slip for each day, where ONLY “OVERS” will be recorded using a Catch, Record, Release Format. “OVERS” are any fish that touches above 21. There is no limit to how many “OVERS” are recorded. However, only the 2 BIGGEST “OVERS” will be used. Also, after 2 “OVERS” are recorded only UPGRADES should be recorded.
  • Fish must be a minimum of 15”, and any fish 15-21”(that you want to weigh) must be tagged, and placed in a cooler/livewell ON ICE. ABSOLUTELY NO WATER IN LIVEWELLS OR CULLING OF FISH IS ALLOWED.
  • A total of 5 fish can be used towards each days total weight. Any combination of fish, with a maximum of 2 “overs”, will be counted toward total weight.
  • Any 15-21” fish that are used towards the days total weight, will actually be placed on a scale and weighed, NOT calculated with a Length-to-Weight Conversion.
  • Any fish ABOVE 21” will be weighed using our Length-To-Weight conversion, and combined with the weight of the “UNDER” fish that were Weighed.
    • The Catch, Record, Release format will require the following be done for any “OVERS” being recorded.
    • Fish must be measured on the provided Hawg boards, with the belly closest/facing the angler measuring, with tails pinched together. There must be a clear view of the fishes mouth/jaw, tail, and the poker chip of the corresponding day. At this time a picture must be taken so we can verify this fish at weigh-in. It’s important a clear view of the mouth and tail be in the picture, so if you take a few pictures to make sure one of them has that, OK.
    • Once the fish has been photographed on the Hawg Board a “Hero” shot must be taken with the angler holding the fish in front of them and there must be some form of landscape/shoreline in the background of the picture(this is key in order for us to be able to verify each fish that is recorded).
    • Be sure to record the fishes length on your weigh sheet for that day and release the fish. You will continue this process (as long as you continue to upgrade your OVERS) We will use the 2 BIGGEST OVERS for each day.