Welcome to the Stampede

The 2021 Stampede schedule is out!

  • May 15 – 16, 2021 – Glendo
  • June 5 – 6, 2021 – Glendo
  • June 26 – 27 – Boysen
  • CHAMPIONSHIP – August 14 – 15, 2021 – Pathfinder

Please Read for the 2021 Tournament Season

As our tournament season is about to begin we would like to cover a few IMPORTANT ITEMS.  First thank you to all of you for the support over the last 12 years!  Especially our Sponsors, who have always supported us each year and have played a key part in letting us pay back over 85% each year!  This year has started out rather strange for most of us, and we are trying to handle this COVID-19 best we can, and our sponsors have still backed us the best they can and we thank them for that!.  that brings us to some important guidelines we need to follow as our season moves forward.

Wyoming Game & Fish regulations state that the possession limit is 6 fish. If you plan on fishing our events, make sure that by the start of our events you do not have any walleye in possession, either at home or in a cooler at camp. When you put a fish in your live well during our event, it counts toward your limit for that day.

Contest participants should be aware of aquatic invasive species regulations, especially the inspection requirements. Any contest watercraft that has been in a water infested with zebra/quagga mussels within the last 30 days, is required to undergo a mandatory inspection by an authorized inspector prior to launching. Participants violating that regulation will be disqualified.