Madness Challenge

The Stampede is happy to annouce that Wayne’s Automotive is stepping up and Sponsoring one more avenue for our anglers to cash a check!! Wayne’s Automotive is seeding the Summer Madness Challenge with $500! This idea was brought to us by one of our anglers and is going to be our own “March Madness” this summer!

For $50 per team, you will be randomly drawn and placed into the bracket and matched up against another team in a Head-To-Head (Single Elimination) Progressive Shoot-Out during our season. Each round, will represent a day at each of our events, leading up to the Final Four(Day 1) and Championship(Day 2) at Boysen Reservoir.

This will be a 100% payback, and could be more if we get additional sponsors to to add to the fun! Teams will be able to sign up until our Rules Meeting at our FIRST GLENDO EVENT, if we get 30 teams signed up that will be a $1,500 pot!!

If you have any additional questions, or want to sign up please reach out to us!